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dimension drawings

Dimension drawings

Here you can find the actual dimension drawings of our actuators.

AB - Series
Type without control unit with SMARTCON
control unit
AB3 / AB5 M80_1_01bm M80_1E37m
AB8 M82_1_01bm M82_1_36m
AB18 M83_1_01bm M83_1_33m
AB40 / Ab80 M84_1_01bm M84_1_33m
AB100 M85_1_01m M85_1_06m
AB200 M86_1_01m M86_1_14m

C - Series
Type design dimension drawing
CM03 Ex MC36_1_08
Standard MC36_1_07
CM06 ex MC50_1_05
Standard MC50_1_04

Failsafe C - Series - Linear
Type Info Design Dimension drawing
Move out Move in
CM03 FS 30/5

- CM03 Failsafe linear

- stroke max. 30mm

- max. spring remaining force 5kN

ex M-CM03FS30_5-05E M-CM03FS30_5-05-1E
exHA M-CM03FS30_5-03E M-CM03FS30_5-03-1E
standard M-CM03FS30_5-07E M-CM03FS30_5-07-1E
standard HA M-CM03FS30_5-06E M-CM03FS30_5-06-1E
CM03 FS 50/8

- CM03 Failsafe linear

- stroke max. 50mm

- max. spring remaining force 8kN

ex M-CM03FS50_8-05E M-CM03FS50_8-05-1E
exHA M-CM03FS50_8-03E M-CM03FS50_8-03-1E
standard M-CM03FS50_8-07E M-CM03FS50_8-07-1E
standard HA M-CM03FS50_8-06E M-CM03FS50_8-06-1E
CM03 FS 100/12

- CM03 Failsafe linear

- stroke max. 100mm

- max. spring remaining force 12kN

ex M-CM03FS100_12-09Ea M-CM03FS100_12-09-1E
exHA M-CM03FS100_12-07Ea M-CM03FS100_12-07-1E
standard M-CM03FS100_12-08E M-CM03FS100_12-08-1E
standard HA M-CM03FS100_12-06E M-CM03FS100_12-06-1E
CM06 FS 100/30   ex M-CM06FS100_30-1E M-CM06FS100_30-1-1E
exHA M-CM06FS100_30-2E M-CM06FS100_30-2-1E
standard M-CM06FS100_30-3E M-CM06FS100_30-3-1E
standard HA M-CM06FS100_30-4E M-CM06FS100_30-4-1E

Failsafe C - Series - 90°
Type Info Design Dimension drawing
Right turn Left turn
CM03 FSQT 30

- CM03 Failsafe quarterturn

- max. spring remaining torque 150Nm

ex M-CM03FSQT30-20E M-CM03FSQT30-20-1E
exHA M-CM03FSQT30-21E M-CM03FSQT30-21-1E
standard M-CM03FSQT30-22E M-CM03FSQT30-22-1E
standard HA M-CM03FSQT30-23E M-CM03FSQT30-23-1E

- CM03 Failsafe quarterturn

- max. spring remaining torque 300Nm

ex M-CM03FSQT60-20E M-CM03FSQT60-20-1E
exHA M-CM03FSQT60-21E M-CM03FSQT60-21-1E
standard M-CM03FSQT60-22E M-CM03FSQT60-22-1E
standard HA M-CM03FSQT60-23E M-CM03FSQT60-23-1E
CM06 FSQT100

- CM06 Failsafe quarterturn

- max. spring remaining torque 500Nm

ex M-CM06FSQT100-04E M-CM06FSQT100-04-1E
exHA M-CM06FSQT100-05E M-CM06FSQT100-05-1E
standard M-CM06FSQT100-06E M-CM06FSQT100-06-1E
standard HA M-CM06FSQT100-07E M-CM06FSQT100-07-1E

CM06 FSQT200

- CM06 Failsafe quarterturn

- max. spring remaining torque 1.000Nm

ex M-CM06FSQT200-06Ea M-CM06FSQT200-6-1E
exHA M-CM06FSQT200-05Ea M-CM06FSQT200-5-1E
standard M-CM06FSQT200-8E M-CM06FSQT200-8-1E
standard HA M-CM06FSQT200-7E M-CM06FSQT200-7-1E

CM06 FSQT300

  ex M-CM06FSQT300-20E M-CM06FSQT300-20-1E
exHA M-CM06FSQT300-21E M-CM06FSQT300-21-1E
standard M-CM06FSQT300-22E M-CM06FSQT300-22-1E
standard HA M-CM06FSQT300-23E M-CM06FSQT300-23-1E

CM06 FSQT500

  ex M-CM06FSQT500-04-2E M-CM06FSQT500-04-3E
exHA M-CM06FSQT500-05-2E M-CM06FSQT500-05-3E
standard M-CM06FSQT500-06-3E M-CM06FSQT500-06-4E
standard HA M-CM06FSQT500-04-2E M-CM06FSQT500-07-4E